9-1-19 Sunday Morning Service

At Metro we believe in being real, honest, and responsible to one another. During September 1st’s Sunday service recording Jill Bachtold shares an encouraging teaching on holding onto the promises of Jesus.  Following this is an apology from our senior pastor Matt Bachtold, some instruction from our prophetic leader David Gunsolley and a teaching from our executive pastor, Dennis Beers.

We hope this recording encourages you and inspires you to be real in your faith walk with Jesus.

8-18-19 Ambassador To Your @

Have you ever thought it would be so cool if Jesus walked into your @ and did great things?  Jesus wants to and was happy to call, empower, and send you.  Revive my @ is our battle cry for this season.  Let this word that Matt shares on how we are called to be ambassadors and are fully equipped to succeed encourage you and spur you on to taking Jesus into your @.

8-11-19 Righteous, Peace, and Joy

How does the Kingdom of God expand in your life and how do you find the righteousness, peace, and joy talked about in Romans 14:17? Amy Gahan, from Global Impact Ministries shares insight into the practical ways that the Holy Spirit leads you as you live in the Kingdom.

Following Amy’s sharing is a recording of a key word given by Pastor Matt during our worship time.


7-28-19 Resurrected Child

We are new creations in Christ, with our old man being buried and us resurrecting into a new life as a son/daughter of the Father.  Matt continues to share out of the book of Romans about who we are as sons/daughters in Christ.

Following the sermon are a collection of testimonies given on Sunday morning.