6-9-19 Lazarus Sessions

Jesus is setting people free here at Metro in the ministry time we are calling Lazarus Sessions.  Hear about these sessions from our prophetic ministry leader, David Gunsolley, and a couple of testimonies of how individual lives have been changed.

Sessions are available to anyone and are free.  Please contact us to schedule a session.

6-2-19 Preparing Our Hearts

Are you hungry for a greater move of the Holy Spirit in our church family and in your @s?  The words that were given during worship time and the sermon brought by David Gunsolley are preparing us for a greater move by the Holy Spirit in our midst.  We have been asked to prepare our hearts by engaging in community and entering into worship with expectation.  Come join us in June as we fellowship and worship together.

4-21-19 The Gospel of Chocolate

Without the resurrection power of Jesus flowing in our churches today, our gospel is only as good as the gospel of chocolate.  Most love it, have holidays filled with it, find comfort in it, and pay money to look like it.  But Chocolate doesn’t have the power to change our lives.  The resurrection power of Jesus, does!