8-11-19 Righteous, Peace, and Joy

How does the Kingdom of God expand in your life and how do you find the righteousness, peace, and joy talked about in Romans 14:17? Amy Gahan, from Global Impact Ministries shares insight into the practical ways that the Holy Spirit leads you as you live in the Kingdom.

Following Amy’s sharing is a recording of a key word given by Pastor Matt during our worship time.


7-28-19 Resurrected Child

We are new creations in Christ, with our old man being buried and us resurrecting into a new life as a son/daughter of the Father.  Matt continues to share out of the book of Romans about who we are as sons/daughters in Christ.

Following the sermon are a collection of testimonies given on Sunday morning.

7-14-19 Identity in Christ

Often we read scripture from the identity we have, whether it is a victim identity or one of a son/daughter.  Matt continues his study on our Identity in Christ and encourages us to live in the freedom of sonship/daughterhood.

Following the sermon is a collection of soundbites representing the worship service today.  The Holy Spirit was moving and we had words, testimonies, a time of the kids praying for healing for the adults, and some inspired exhortations.