6-10-18 The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus

Kris Koppy shares his life story of God’s relentless love and faithfulness in his life and how God mercifully healed him of three decades of depression and the effects of childhood trauma.  Kris shared how his “past does not define him, it refined him” and prepared him for his calling.

6-3-18 Let Him Come

When Jesus stood up in the midst of the crowds celebrating the Feast of the Tabernacles in John chapter 7, he declared a bold statement about himself and how things would work in his kingdom. He prefaced this statement with an invitation and authorization: let him come. May this word bring a new understanding of what Jesus desires to do in your life and around you.

5-6-18 Ministry of the Holy Spirit

On Sunday we had an extended period of Holy Spirit ministry followed by our new Worship Leader announcement.  This recording includes George Wandick’s very anointed special song, all of the altar calls and words, Shea LeJeune’s healing testimony (40:20), and a unique turning over of the worship ministry from Seth and Sarah Macchi to our new worship leader Dayna Kelly and her husband Josh (44:30).