7-29-18 The Holy Spirit – Outside In

Matt continues the series on the Holy Spirit, discussing the ministry of the outside work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament that transitioned to a work from within as we became, through the blood of Jesus, the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Are you open for an overflowing relationship with the Holy Spirit?

7-15-18 Hold On To His Promises

Sunday’s service was unique and I wanted to give you some context to what took place and what you will hear in this podcast.  During worship we had a word given by Dennis Beers calling us as a body to go deeper in what God has for us.  Our guest speaker, Elizabeth, shared an anointed sermon on not excepting what the enemy has given us, but fighting with faith to hold onto the promises of Jesus.  At the end she gave an altar call and prayed for people, then sang “There Is Power In The Blood” in french.  There was a long time of prayer with the church singing this song in english as Dayna led.  I felt a heavy burden from the Lord to call us as a body to step into deeper things and came forward and passionately shared my heart.  A second spontaneous altar call then happened and several people were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit.  One gentleman told me he had gotten healed instantly of a migraine.  For this recording, I have included Dennis’ word, Elizabeth’s sermon and then my sharing.  I removed much of the prayer and singing that took place during each altar call.  May the Lord bless you and encourage you by what the Lord is sharing with our body.  Love, Pastor Matt