11-10-19 Positioned for Prayer

God has destined you, in Christ, to overcome your circumstances and then bring his deliverance to other in the same way.  How? Praise picks you up out of the circumstances, while faith causes you to see and believe you have been positioned to overcome.  It is at this point that you go from defense to offense through strategic prayer.  You have been positioned to interceded and see the Kingdom of Heaven expand in your @.

May this word stir up the faith in you to share his victory!

If you need a refresher on the past two sermons in this series, here are the links:

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10-6-19 Kicking Out Tobiah

Does Tobiah live in your house?  There is an interesting connection between the famous words of Malachi in chapter 3 and an incident that occurs in Nehemiah chapter 13.  Nehemiah returns to find Tobiah living in the storehouse of the Lord.  Find out how to recognize if Tobiah is living in your life stealing your blessing, and how to kick him out!