4-21-19 The Gospel of Chocolate

Without the resurrection power of Jesus flowing in our churches today, our gospel is only as good as the gospel of chocolate.  Most love it, have holidays filled with it, find comfort in it, and pay money to look like it.  But Chocolate doesn’t have the power to change our lives.  The resurrection power of Jesus, does!

4-14-19 The Tenacity of Jesus

We celebrated Palm Sunday by recognizing the tenacity of Jesus in the face of this cultural opposition to his message and definition of love. Jesus stood strong and loved, not just in words, but by very practically laying down his life even though we were clueless to it.  How much more will the love and tenacity of Jesus press into our lives as believers to bring his victory and sanctification when we recognize and welcome it. Pastor Matt shares this message to challenge us to stand in Jesus for his tenacious truth for our lives.