1-11-15 God on the Offense

From the beginning God has made offensive moves in the creation of His kingdom here on earth.  In this message, Matt challenges us to be in tune with God’s offensive heart, hearing his voice and moving under his direction.  This action and focus of our hearts allows us to have fun while watching His kingdom created around us.

A King’s Gift: Gold

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The extravagant provision of God is revealed again in the gifts of the wise men to the infant Christ.  Gifts worthy of a king: A King’s Gift.   Gold, as the first of three gifts given, remind us of the opulent heart of God towards us.  In this sermon, Matt shares about God’s desire to give His Body gifts to break them free, so they are able to complete His will.  A King’s Gift to the Body He loves.  Part 1 in a 3 part series.