2-17-19 Apostolic Prayers

Matt shares about praying the apostolic prayers of the New Testament and focuses this week on Hebrews 13:20-21.


Below is the first prophetic word by Matt proceeded by 7:30 of worship that led up to the word for context.


Here is the audio for the second word given by Dr Joyce followed by the third prophetic word given by Jill.

2-3-19 Ain’t No Grave

Jesus’ declaration in John 11:25 that he is the resurrection is just about heaven.  It is overcoming anything that tries to steal the life that Jesus has for you today.  Ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down.


For the song referenced today, see Ain’t No Grave by Bethel Music


1-27-19 Covered and Equipped

Don’t you want to know about the five super powerful weapons Jesus has given you to tear down the gates of hell?  After a prayer from our prophetic team, a powerful testimony of God’s protection, and some bad dad jokes Matt will share what these five weapons are, remind you about our Warrior King, and give you some insight into how you are like a War Horse.

1-21-19 No Longer Uncovered

Being uncovered isn’t walking in and out of salvation, it is opening yourself or others up to attacks from the enemy and theft of peace and fruit. Learning to stay covered is a key to walking in the full blessing intended for you in Christ Jesus. His blood is sufficient to cover all of our sin and failings, so let’s not resist it for ourselves, our family, or our leadership.

12-23-18 The Gift of Jesus

Matt shares on the various meanings and usages of the Greek words for ‘gift’ in the New Testament and how they relate to Jesus as the source of God’s gift of salvation.  Be ready to be encouraged in your walk.

As Matt said, “If you can listen past the bad jokes, the sermon is pretty good.  :)”

12-16-18 Give the gift of Mercy

Luke chapter two has a lot to say about who Jesus is and about the heart of the Father.  After some great Christmas Dad Jokes, Matt shares about the gift God looks to give you and others around you.

Included at the end of this sermon is a recording of some of the words and ministry during our worship time.