6-18-17 Our God and Father

Paul makes a rich statement in Phil 4:20 calling God our Father, which was unheard of before Christ.  In fact, God is only referred to as Father 15 times in the entire Old Testament: 66 books, 929 chapters – and only 15 times.  In contrast, Jesus refers to God as Father 165 times in the four Gospels and Paul does it 40 times in the epistles.  Christ has provided us access to the Father, so let’s understand what that means.

After a short (10 minute) word from Seth entitled The Tale of Two We’s, Matt shares his insight into God being our Father.  Take a few minutes and listen to this word that will encourage you and give you fresh insight into the meaning of Psalms 68:5, a father to the fatherless and the work of the Father in your life.

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