1-8-17 Let the Light shine

No matter how much darkness you find around you, the Light of the Lord is going to break through and shine.  This is what the Lord is speaking to us, so as to bring us into alignment with what He is about to do in the season we are in.  His light will break through the darkness, so let the Light shine everywhere you are.

Enjoy this prophetic message from Dr Joyce Wallace.

One thought on “1-8-17 Let the Light shine

  1. I’ve missed being at church and for the first time listened to a service. Typically watch someone on TV but felt God had something for me 2 hear today. I’ve felt that I’ve been in a dark spot for some time and whatever I would do 2 overcome it or navigate thru it would be temporary or have struggles or roadblocks and just didn’t know what God wanted me 2 do or what He was saying to me. I became discouraged and felt so alone in my struggle. This message from Dr. Joyce encouraged me beyond measure … can’t put the impact into words. Thank you God for showing me You r still with me thru your servant!

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