5-29-16 Jesus, Far Better Than Idols

When Jacob finds himself in another crisis that could destroy himself and his family in Genesis 34, he cries out in hopeless angst.  Then the God of all Hope calls Jacob into a deeper relationship in Genesis 35.  Jacob buries all the idols his family has and then returns to Bethel, where he first met God.  Here, Jacob finally becomes Israel as he turns from his idols and clings to Christ.

In 2 Chronicles 30:14 the people prepare to receive the Passover by tearing down the altars that are throughout Jerusalem.  Here is another example of the people of God turning from their idols and clinging to the promise of the Passover, Jesus.

As we enter into another 16 Days of Consecration starting June 1st, the question that Christ seems to be asking us is, will you cling to me and let go of that which comes between us – any idol?  Please join us as we prepare the way for the Lord’s visitation by honestly assessing our relationship with Him .


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