10-15-17 Defense Against Offense: Unoffended

With a great victory from God swirling around him, Gideon is faced with an opportunity to bring unity and further victory or go with his gut and undermine all that the Lord was doing.  Which did he choose, and which will you and I choose?

Here are the two handouts:

Choose To Be Unoffended

10 Defenses Against Offense

10-8-17 Defense Against Offense – Jerubbaal

Almost everyday we are offered an opportunity to stand in our new identity in Christ and refuse to agree with offense.  We don’t have to live as Gideon under the authority of the enemy, but can take a stand like Jerubbaal and live above, where we are seated with Christ – see Ephesians 2:1-6.

When we choose to stand against offense, we look for reconciliation and we avoid unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict.

Matt shares how Gideon became Jerubbaal , what this speaks to us and offers some practical ways to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

10-2-17 Defense Against Offense

Jesus wants us to recognize and render powerless one of the most valuable tools our enemy uses against us.  What is that tool? Offense.  Either you will go on the defense against offense or it will be Satan’s favorite tool to marginalize the Kingdom of Christ in your life.  Will you take offense captive or let it rule you?

8-13-17 Who Do You Say I Am?

Until we renew our minds to what is normal for Jesus, we only expect of him what is normal for us. We only see our power and our limitations and fail to see Jesus who lives in us as the same Jesus of the Gospels. He’s not “my Jesus” to mold and make, as I desire. He is Jesus, Lord and Savior.  Who do you say I am?


Here is a link to the 16 Weeks of Healing study.